Be Wise With
Your Equity

Reverse Mortgages

The reverse mortgage market in Canada is under $6 billion, but has recently experienced a 200% year-over-year growth. APPLY NOW.

A reverse mortgage is a loan that enables homeowners to access their home equity without selling their property. It allows you to borrow a percentage of your home’s value, up to 55%. The amount you can borrow is influenced by factors such as your age, the appraised value of your home, and the lender’s policies. Unlike traditional mortgages, you are not required to make monthly payments on a reverse mortgage. Instead, repayment is typically due when you move out, sell the home, or the last borrower passes away.

Self Employed Mortgages

Self Employed, making enough annually, but still having trouble getting approved by the big banks? APPLY NOW.

More Canadians everyday are choosing to be self-employed individuals or opting to be small business owners. Unfortunately, the banks do not cater to these individuals, thus making it difficult at times to secure the financing they need.

The banks tend to take a cookie cutter approach to lending. If you don’t fit a certain criteria then you will likely not be approved for financing. At Wise Equity we take a different approach, we look at the individual and their situation. Our agents are strategic and we can use different methods of proving income, that the banks do not. This enables our clients the opportunity to maximize their mortgage amount.

If you’re Self-Employed and looking for your first, second or third home, or looking for some funds to grow your business, Wise Equity can help. We aim to please all of our clients through professionalism, efficiency and transparency. Secure the funds you need today. APPLY NOW.

Home Improvement Loans

Rehab and Rent for cashflow or Fix and Flip. CALL NOW.

Renovating your investment can increase your profit potential immensely. Whether you are renovating to later sell or to rent out we’ve got the right mortgage for you. Home improvement mortgages allow you to use built up equity to finance your improvement projects. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to finance large-scale home improvement projects, such as repairing the flooring, finishing the basement, upgrading a bathroom, doing an addition, or repairing the kitchen. Matrix Mortgage Global improvement mortgage is available exclusively for our clients who are looking to rehabilitate any of their real estate investment projects. It enables our borrowers the ability to undertake small to large-scale improvements to an existing property, thus improving your property’s value. APPLYNOW

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Take advantage, Access your equity, get extra cash for retirement or help pay for a loved ones education. APPLY NOW.

If you have access equity built up in your house, a HELOC is another great mortgage option for you. Unlike your traditional home equity loan where a lender gives you a lump some of money with a set term to be repaid. A Home equity line of Credit (HELOC), operates more like a credit card, we’re you’re able to borrow up to a certain amount, with terms set by the lender. During that time you can withdraw funds as you need and your only liable to pay back what you use at favourable rates.
HELOC Mortages are unique and give our clients another avenue to explore when looking to use the equity in their homes.

Rental Purchase

Your Bank says, “Your Tapped Out” We say maximize your opportunities

We can relate to common problems Real Estate investors run into.

  • We can get you approved
  • No cap on number of rental properties
  • Fast Cash
  • Fast Closing
  • Competitive rates
  • Strategies and Consultations

Everything you need in order to move quickly with efficiency when investing in real estate. APPLY NOW

First Time Home Buyers

Is it your first time buying a home? Get Approved with as little as 5% downAPPLY NOW.

Purchasing your first home will be the most memorable purchase in your life. It is extremely gratifying and overwhelming at the same time. At Wise Equity we understand how confusing and stressful the process of buying a home can be. From finding a reliable real estate agent to understanding the process of obtaining the best mortgage solution for you.

At Wise Equity we help walk all our First Time Home Buyers through the process completely, with full transparency and consistent updates. We offer a wide selection of products and services for first time buyers. We do more than just get you the best rates. We also offer financial planning that will provide structure to your financials whilst being a new home owner. Leverage our networks and resources to assist you on your path to owning your first home. APPLY TODAY.


Refinance and take advantage of better rates. Be Wise with your Equity today. APPLY NOW.

Refinancing is the process in which our clients are able to pay off their existing mortgage and receive a new mortgage with new terms and conditions. It is imperative to have a reliable mortgage agent in your back pocket, when refinancing. At Wise Equity, not only do we get our clients rates that’ll beat the banks. We also make sure the process is as efficient and seamless as possible. Refinancing allows you to take advantage of better rates, to improve cash flow and reposition yourself financially.

Wise Equity aims to make refinancing your property simple so our clients can get access to the financial solutions they need to achieve their goals. Whether you are interested in refinancing for better rates, consolidate your debt, do renovations, or buy your next investment property. We have affordable financing options which allows our clients to access up to 85% of the equity in their property to meet their financial needs APPLY NOW.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial financing does not have to be complicated; Wise Equity makes it easy. APPLY NOW.

We are committed to helping all our clients in getting the financing and commercial mortgage solutions needed to meet their business gaols, that will help them grow financially.

Commercial mortgages are financial products typically used by companies or individual investors across different industries, to purchase, refinance, or develop. We do not use cookie cutter products; with Wise Equity our products are designed specifically with our clients in mind. We offer personalized commercial mortgage solutions that are designed to fit the needs of the individual developer or property owner. APPLY NOW.

Debt Consolidation

Stop allowing your debts to suffocate your finances. Learn how to pay off your debts and high interest loans, to improve your monthly cash flow. APPLY NOW.

Debt consolidation is the process in which homeowners can access the equity in their homes to pay off debts that may be holding them back. This is a commonly suggested strategy used for homeowners looking to improve their cash flow and reposition themselves financially.

The month to month costs of all your debts can make it very difficult to grow financially. More and more Canadians are struggling with debt and high interest loans everyday. Debt amongst Canadians is as common today as it’s ever been. Canadians now owe roughly $1.70 for every $1 they earn, a ratio that analysts state is among the highest in the developed world.

There are different mortgage products and strategies that can be used to consolidate debt. At Wise Equity we do a full in depth analysis of our clients’ situation and present multiple solutions, tailored to help our clients alleviate their debt and reposition themselves. Which allows them to be more flexible with their finances. Let us help you get rid of your high interest debt today, so you can save for tomorrow. APPLY NOW.

2nd Mortgages/Home Equity Loans

Behind on taxes or mortgage payments? Do you have creditors hounding you, and need money fast. Get approved today regardless of credit or income. APPLY NOW.

There are times where we get caught up and fall behind on repaying debts or run into situations where we need funds asap. A Second Mortgage is an additional loan taken out on your home that does not affect the existing one. It is typically used for emergencies, when you need funds to pay off some form of debt.

The benefit of the second mortgage products we offer at Wise Equity is that our clients are able to tap into, up to 85% of the equity they have in their homes. We also take a different approach, we look at our client’s situation and the property in question. We lend based on the property, even if you have poor credit or have temporary lack of employment. At Wise Equity we dont let your financial decisions in the past affect your future. Learn more about how you can secure a Second Mortgage with us today… APPLY NOW.

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