Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

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If you have access equity built up in your house, a HELOC is another great mortgage option for you. Unlike your traditional home equity loan where a lender gives you a lump some of money with a set term to be repaid. A Home equity line of Credit (HELOC), operates more like a credit card, we’re you’re able to borrow up to a certain amount, with terms set by the lender. During that time you can withdraw funds as you need and your only liable to pay back what you use at favourable rates.

HELOC Mortages are unique and give our clients another avenue to explore when looking to use the equity in their homes.

Wise Equity helped me with my home equity line of credit. The service was smooth and transparent. My wife and I are extremely satisfied.

– Mohammed Ali

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Case Study




Property Value 500,000 

Property Value 500,000 

Interest Rate 3.53%

Interest Rate 3.53%

1st Mortgage Amount $250,000

1st Mortgage Amount $250,000

Total Tax Arrears & Unpaid Debts $50,000

2nd Mortgage Amount $50,000

Tax Arrears $25,000 at  $800 monthly 

Tax Arrears & Unpaid Debts PAID

Unpaid Debts $25,000 at $750 monthly 

1st Mortgage Payment $1573 monthly

1st Mortgage Payment $1573 monthly 

2nd Mortgage Payment $333 monthly

Total Monthly Obligations $3123 

New Total Monthly Obligations $1906

You Save $1217 Monthly and Now you’ve got those ANNOYING creditors off your back!

Be Wise with your Equity. Improve your cash flow and learn how to effectively save your HARD EARNED money!


Be Wise with your Equity!


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