2nd Mortgages &
Home Equity Loans

Behind on taxes or mortgage payments? Do you have creditors hounding you, and need money fast. Get approved today regardless of credit or income. APPLY NOW.

There are times where we get caught up and fall behind on repaying debts or run into situations where we need funds asap. A Second Mortgage is an additional loan taken out on your home that does not affect the existing one. It is typically used for emergencies, when you need funds to pay off some form of debt.

The benefit of the second mortgage products we offer at Wise Equity is that our clients are able to tap into, up to 85% of the equity they have in their homes. We also take a different approach, we look at our client’s situation and the property in question. We lend based on the property, even if you have poor credit or have temporary lack of employment. At Wise Equity we dont let your financial decisions in the past affect your future. Learn more about how you can secure a Second Mortgage with us today… APPLY NOW.

Wise Equity helped me with my 2nd mortgage on a new house! The service was smooth and transparent. My wife and I are extremely satisfied.

– Tommy Lee

2nd Mortgage/Home Equity Case Study




Property Value 500,000 

Property Value 500,000 

Interest Rate 3.53%

Interest Rate 3.53%

1st Mortgage Amount $250,000

1st Mortgage Amount $250,000

Total Tax Arrears & Unpaid Debts $50,000

2nd Mortgage Amount $50,000

Tax Arrears $25,000 at  $800 monthly 

Tax Arrears & Unpaid Debts PAID

Unpaid Debts $25,000 at $750 monthly 

1st Mortgage Payment $1573 monthly

1st Mortgage Payment $1573 monthly 

2nd Mortgage Payment $333 monthly

Total Monthly Obligations $3123 

New Total Monthly Obligations $1906

You Save $1217 Monthly and Now you’ve got those ANNOYING creditors off your back!

Be Wise with your Equity. Improve your cash flow and learn how to effectively save your HARD EARNED money!


Be Wise with your Equity!